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01/21/2018 The Living God is Among You Download
01/12/2018 Only Be Strong & of Good Courage Download
01/12/2018 What Are You Dojng? Download
12/29/2017 The Joy and Blessing of Service Download
12/29/2017 Lying in a Manger Download
12/14/2017 What Child is This? Download
12/14/2017 Humble and Obedient Download
12/14/2017 Greatness is Serving Download
11/27/2017 Source of Supply Download
11/27/2017 The Touch of Faith Download
11/27/2017 Together Download
11/27/2017 A Time to be Thankful Download
11/01/2017 My Witnesses Download
11/01/2017 Revival and Reformation in Ancient Israel Download
10/12/2017 It Is Still All About Jesus Download
10/12/2017 Transformed from the Inside Out Download
09/27/2017 When God's People Pray Download
09/27/2017 "The Place" Download
09/14/2017 The Blessings of Stewardship Download
09/14/2017 Hearing the Promise: His Covenant Download
08/31/2017 Seeing the Promise Land: "It Is a Good land" Download
08/30/2017 CHURCH_CALENDAR_-_September_2017.pdf Download
08/30/2017 "One as We Are" Download
08/30/2017 Drop Your Luggage Download
08/30/2017 Whatever You Ask Download
08/03/2017 The Truth About the Future Conflict - Part Two Download
07/27/2017 The Truth About the Future Conflict - Part One Download
07/27/2017 What Are You Doing Here? Download
07/27/2017 Connected Download
07/27/2017 Believe Download
06/29/2017 Last Words Download
06/22/2017 To All the Saints at Fallbrook Download
06/14/2017 Approachable Download
06/14/2017 Worthy Is The Lamb Download
06/01/2017 Obey Download
06/01/2017 A Life to Die For Download
05/17/2017 In the Image of God Download
05/16/2017 Strategic Hospitality Download
05/16/2017 Go Have Unfulfilled Dreams, But Tomorrow...! Download
05/16/2017 The Real Need Download
05/16/2017 Falling In Love With Jesus Download
05/16/2017 Rejoice in the Lord Download
05/16/2017 Nothing Undone Download
05/16/2017 The Church's Greatest Need Download
05/16/2017 Revelation's Saints Download
05/16/2017 The Terror Behind Terrism Download
05/16/2017 Mission Possible Download
03/02/2017 Excuse Me, God Download
03/01/2017 Blameless Download
02/16/2017 Godly Instruction Download
02/09/2017 God's Call In Holiness Download
02/02/2017 Hope and Joy and Crown of Rejoicing Download
01/26/2017 Hear and Live Download
01/26/2017 Fishers of Men Download
01/12/2017 New Light for Laodiceans Download
01/05/2017 Born Again...Again! Download
01/03/2017 The Gospel of His Son Download
01/03/2017 Room At the Inn Download
01/03/2017 What Is the Church? Download
12/08/2016 The Story of the Three Generations Download
12/01/2016 Preparing for the Kings of the East Download
11/23/2016 The Sabbath...A Day to Be Grateful Download
11/21/2016 The Lord's Supper Download
11/21/2016 Hell: A Hot, But Hope Filled Topic Download
11/21/2016 In His Presence Download
11/21/2016 The Brother, The Midget, and Polio Download
10/20/2016 The Cleansing of the Sanctuary Download
10/13/2016 A Dwelling Place Download
10/11/2016 Our Final Victory Download
09/29/2016 Give Me This Mountain Download
09/22/2016 The Importance of Being Prepared Download
09/15/2016 No Test, No Testimony Download
09/15/2016 How to Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence Download
09/15/2016 The X-Factor In Health and Healing Download
08/25/2016 The Sabbath and the Cross Download
08/18/2016 Fervent Prayer Download
08/11/2016 Homeward Bound Download
08/11/2016 Knowledge is Power Download
07/28/2016 Draw Near (Come Close) to God Download
07/21/2016 Wisdom That is From Above Download
07/15/2016 Destructive Fire Download
07/07/2016 Showing Your Faith Download
07/01/2016 God Doesn't Play Favorites Download
07/01/2016 An Effectual Doer Download
06/09/2016 A Perfect Result Download
06/09/2016 What Does "All" Mean? Download
05/26/2016 A New Commandment Download
05/19/2016 Thinking to the Glory of God / Willing to Communicate Download
05/12/2016 My Brother's Keeper Download
05/12/2016 Mother of Israel Download
04/28/2016 To-Do List Before Jesus Comes Back Download
04/21/2016 Robes of Fine Linen Download
04/14/2016 "Prepare the Way" Download
04/07/2016 Why Adventism? Download
03/31/2016 Isaiah's Commission Download
03/24/2016 "Theodicy" Download
03/24/2016 The Promise Download
03/10/2016 The Unlikely Witness Download
03/10/2016 Not Ashamed Download
02/19/2016 Rediscovering Jesus: His Early Years / It's Never Been This Late Before Download
02/11/2016 A Surrendered Sacrifice Download
01/28/2016 Motive for Service Download
01/21/2016 A Cloud of Witnesses Download
01/14/2016 "A Good Testimony!" Download
01/07/2016 Unplugged from the Hyperlinked Life Download
01/06/2016 "I Give You This Charge" Download
01/06/2016 Don't Be Afraid! Download
12/17/2015 One of Us Download
12/10/2015 Perfect Love Download
12/03/2015 When Tragedy Strikes Download
11/25/2015 His Indescribable Gift Download
11/19/2015 Time, Use It Wisely Download
11/12/2015 "By the Word of Their Testimony" with Dan Houghton Download
11/05/2015 Facing the Pain / Losing Me Download
10/29/2015 Talent in a Handkerchief Download
10/29/2015 The Sabbath: Taste it Again For the First Time Download
10/08/2015 All Good Gifts Come From Above Download
10/01/2015 Disappointment's Great Appointment Download
09/24/2015 Called to Serve Download
09/24/2015 Fiery Trials and Suffering Download
09/24/2015 The End of All Things is at Hand Download
09/03/2015 The Just For the Unjust Download
08/27/2015 How to Win Over an Unbelieving Family Member Download
08/20/2015 Follow His Steps Download
08/13/2015 Babies, Stones and Priests Download
08/06/2015 By Him Download
07/30/2015 Who's Your Daddy? Download
06/11/2015 Fasting Is Not an Option Download
06/04/2015 Pray Without Ceasing! Download
05/28/2015 How to Know God's Will Download
05/21/2015 The Holy Spirit and the Cross Download
05/14/2015 Where Sin Abounds, Grace Much More Abounds Download
05/14/2015 Hannah Download
04/30/2015 That They May Be One Download
04/23/2015 Personal Effort Precedes the Harvest Download
04/16/2015 The Cost of Leadership Download
04/09/2015 What's Love Got to Do With It? Download
04/02/2015 Making Family Connections Download
03/26/2015 If I Be Lifted Up Download
03/19/2015 From Prosecutor to Preacher Download
03/12/2015 Scarlet Harlot Download
03/05/2015 Mark of the Beast, Part 2 Download
02/26/2015 Who Are You Looking At? Download
02/19/2015 Martyrship: The Ultimate Romance Download
02/12/2015 Mission Report from ASI Download
02/10/2015 A Good Fear Download
01/29/2015 The Fourth Tool of Evangelism: Tactful Persuasion Download
01/22/2015 The Four Tools of Evangelism: (3) Personal Effort Download
01/15/2015 God's Holy Spirit Download
01/01/2015 Beginnings Download
01/01/2015 The Worshipping Wise Men Download
12/18/2014 The Case of the Four Ladies Download
12/11/2014 Behold the Father's Love! Download
12/04/2014 What's in Your Hand? Download
12/04/2014 When God Says Yes Download
12/04/2014 Syncretism Download
11/13/2014 Jesus' Final Plea Download
11/06/2014 The Solemn Service at Shechem Download
10/30/2014 When God Says No Download
10/23/2014 The Walls Came a Tumbling Down Download
10/16/2014 Lest We Forget! Download
10/09/2014 Crossing Jordan Download
10/02/2014 Seal Me! Download
09/29/2014 Saved to Save Download
09/18/2014 Canaan's Edge Download
09/11/2014 By the Word of Their Testimony Download
09/04/2014 BULLETIN_09_06_2014.pdf Download
08/28/2014 God's Purpose Download
08/28/2014 Eastside Download
08/13/2014 God's Plan Download
08/07/2014 The Chronicle of a Culpable Israelite Download
07/30/2014 The Sanctuary Doctrine: Does it Really Matter? Download
06/05/2014 Twenty-First Century Life Lessons from the Book of Job Download
05/29/2014 Who Do You Trust? Download
05/22/2014 Right Relationships Download
05/15/2014 Disappear to Appear Download
05/08/2014 Jochebed Download
05/01/2014 The Conditional Christian/What Army? Download
04/24/2014 Our Daily Bread Download
04/17/2014 Thy Will Be Done Download
04/10/2014 True Education Download
04/03/2014 When God Used a Woman Download
03/27/2014 Slapping, Suing and Saving the Spiteful Download
03/20/2014 Repairers of the Breach/From Broken to Blessed Download
03/13/2014 I Promise! Download
03/13/2014 Anger Danger Download
03/05/2014 Louder than Words Download
02/20/2014 Pass the Salt, Please? Download
02/13/2014 The Kingdom of Heaven Download
02/13/2014 At The Right Time Download
01/29/2014 Standing at the Door Download
01/29/2014 Because of the Word of God... Download
01/16/2014 An Unfinished Song / Satan Is a Defeated Enemy Download
01/09/2014 Open Door Policy Download
01/02/2014 Going Through the Motions Download
12/26/2013 The Bethesda Man and Me Download
12/19/2013 Closer Than You Think Download
12/12/2013 Thyatira Download
12/09/2013 A Faithful Witness Download
11/27/2013 "The Way" Download
11/21/2013 The Song Bird's Cage Download
11/14/2013 "To the Angel of the Church..." Download
11/07/2013 Give vs. Get Download
11/07/2013 A Day for Healing Download
10/24/2013 The Perfect Moment Download
10/24/2013 How to Keep the Sabbath Download
10/10/2013 Born of the Spirit Download
10/03/2013 Dressed for Success Download
10/02/2013 River of Healing Download
09/19/2013 Soul Saving Friend Download
09/12/2013 He Dwells with a Sinner Download
09/05/2013 Love Reaching Out Download
08/29/2013 He talked with a Woman Download
08/15/2013 A Day of Good News Download
08/08/2013 Perfectly Loved Download
08/01/2013 Church Family Download
06/06/2013 Eli and Samuel's Partnership Download
05/30/2013 Happy Home Download
05/23/2013 Third Angel's Message Download
05/16/2013 The Four Winds of Revelation 7 Download
05/09/2013 A Pierced Heart Download
05/07/2013 Be Transformed Download
04/29/2013 Second Angel's Message Download
04/29/2013 Let It Shine Download
04/11/2013 1st Angel's Message Download
04/04/2013 More Blessed Download
03/28/2013 What Doest Thou Here? Download
03/28/2013 Blinded by Super Glue Download
03/14/2013 Teaching the Word of God Download
03/14/2013 Influence Download
03/14/2013 Search the Scriptures Daily Download
03/14/2013 Follow Jesus Download
02/18/2013 Many Hardships Download
02/18/2013 Across Party Lines Download
01/31/2013 True to the Lord Download
01/24/2013 Accepted by Him Download
01/23/2013 Advisers or Foot Soldiers? Download
01/23/2013 Preach Jesus Download
01/23/2013 Promised Blessing Download
01/23/2013 Where Have You Been? Download
01/23/2013 Unarmed Warrior Download
12/13/2012 "Do Not Be Afraid" Download
12/06/2012 One Thing Download
11/29/2012 The Ox Knows...and So Does the Chicken Download
11/20/2012 Brave Like a Chicken Download
11/15/2012 It' Great to Be a Man! Download
11/08/2012 The Ultimate Gift Download
11/01/2012 Martyr to Mission Download
10/25/2012 The Bride Christ Download
10/18/2012 The Practice of Selflessness Download
10/15/2012 The Practice of Oneness Download
10/04/2012 The Practice of Giving Download
10/04/2012 Once Upon a Time... Download
10/04/2012 The Practice of Prophetic Preaching Download
09/25/2012 Why Wait? Download
09/11/2012 The Practice of Good Decision Making Download
07/23/2012 In Christ Download
04/16/2012 The Parable of the Titanic Download
04/07/2012 The Cross Download
12/29/2011 Change Download
12/23/2011 Lo, I Come Download
12/15/2011 Where Is He? Download
12/08/2011 Can You Hear Me Now? Download
12/05/2011 His Name Download
11/29/2011 "Thanksbeing" Download