Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Fallbrook Adventist Church Fallbrook, California


2018 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2018-06-16 Heroic Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2018-06-09 Chief of the Mountains Pastor Gregory Harper Play
2018-06-02 Come Now... Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2018-06-16 Remember Ben Taganile Play
2018-05-19 05.19.18 The Purpose of Trials Germain Rodriguez Play
2018-05-05 Face to Face Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
2018-04-28 Citizens of Earth, Subjects of Heaven Nicholas Miller, JD, PhD Play
2018-04-21 The Best Lifestyle To Prevent Cancer Hugo Leon, MD Play
2018-04-21 Guarding The Avenues Of The Mind Hugo Leon, MD Play
2018-04-21 The Purpose Of The Health Message Hugo Leon, MD Play
2018-04-14 Evidences of Love Cameron Quijada, Jacqualine Grange, Serinity Vasquez, Natalie Brown Play
2018-04-07 The Lord God, Merciful and Gracious Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
2018-03-31 Christ Crucified Pastor Greg Harper Play
2018-03-24 One Greater Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
2018-03-17 The Second Time Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
2018-03-10 A Great Message Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
2018-03-03 The Truth About Failure Pastor Jamey Houghton Play
2018-02-24 The Shepherd Bryan Cooke Play
2018-02-17 A High Calling Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
2018-02-10 Does It Matter? Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
2018-02-03 Challenging Axioms Danny Houghton Play
2018-01-27 The Fall of Jericho Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2018-01-20 The Living God Is Among You Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
2018-01-20 Only Be Strong and of Good Courage Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
2018-01-06 What Are You Doing? Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play