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Fallbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church The "clock-tower" church along I-15N in Fallbrook, California


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  • Reigniting the Fire

    AMAZING FACTS Presents: “Reigniting the Fire” Seminar.

    Date Title Presenter
    2020-01-10 Reigniting the Fi... Martin Kim Play
    2020-01-11 Prevailing Prayer Martin Kim Play
    2020-01-11 A deeper, more in... Martin Kim Play
  • 2019 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2019-10-05 The Choice is Now... Pastor Ivan Ostro... Play
    2019-09-28 A Great Gulf Fixed Pastor Greg Harper Play
    2019-09-21 Sudden Storms Bryan Cooke Play
  • 2018 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2018-12-29 Redeemed by the B... Pastor Wisam Ali Play
    2018-12-22 The G.O.A.T. Pastor Gerald Jones Play
    2018-12-15 For We Have Seen ... Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
  • 2017 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2017-12-30 The Joy and Bless... Dr Hugo Leon Play
    2017-12-23 Lying in a Manger Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
    2017-12-16 What Child Is This? Dan Houghton Play
  • 2016 Sermons

    Sermons of Fallbrook SDA Pastors and Speakers

    Date Title Presenter
    2016-12-31 The Gospel of his... Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
    2016-12-24 Room at the Inn Pastor Jeff Harper Play
    2016-12-03 The Battle of Arm... Pastor John Anderson Play
  • The Gerson Method

    Date Title Presenter
    2015-10-18 Part IV Play
    2015-10-18 Part III Miven Donato, DPT... Play
    2015-10-18 Part II Miven Donato, DPT... Play
  • Three Angels One Message

    6-week series by Pastor John Anderson on The Three Angels' Message in Revelation 14

    Date Title Presenter
    2015-10-07 God's Seal And Th... Pastor John Anderson Play
    2015-09-30 Seven Faces of Ap... Pastor John Anderson Play
    2015-09-22 Babylon Has Fallen Pastor John Anderson Play
  • The Holy Spirit

    Date Title Presenter
    2015-05-15 Receive Why? and ... Pastor Peter Neri Play
    2015-05-14 Receive How? Pastor Peter Neri Play
    2015-05-13 Receive What? Pastor Peter Neri Play
  • Coming Out Ministry

    Date Title Presenter
    2014-05-09 Sabbath Presentation Play
    2014-05-08 Personal Testimony Mike Carducci Play
  • Wellness and Optimal Health

    Join Dr. Youngberg for this free, 12-week metabolic tune up. This program is for you if you have: Fatigue, headaches, heart disease, diabetes or pre-diabetes, adrenal problems, cancer risk, anxiety, depression, weight gain, digestive problems, hypertension, memory concerns, dementia, OR you just want to optimize your health now.

    Date Title Presenter
    2014-06-22 Chronic Kidney Di... Dr. Wes Youngberg Play
    2014-06-01 Best Lab Tests Dr. Wes Youngerb Play
    2014-05-25 Sleep and Health:... Dr. Wes Youngberg Play
  • 2014|2015 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2015-12-26 Do not be afraid! Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
    2016-12-19 One Of Us Pastor Jeff Harper Play
    2015-12-12 Perfect Love Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
  • Unlocking Revelation

    The Book of Revelation - Wednesday night meetings

    Date Title Presenter
    2014-03-11 Chapter 22 Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
    2014-03-05 Chapter 21 Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
    2014-02-25 Chapter 20 Pastor Jeff Harper Play
  • A Ray Of Hope

    Evangelistic Series with Pastor Tim Jones

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-10-01 Armageddon and th... Pastor Tim Jones Play
    2013-09-27 Buried Alive Pastor Tim Jones Play
    2013-09-26 God's Transformin... Pastor Tim Jones Play
  • 2013 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-12-27 The Bethesda Man ... Danny Houghton Play
    2013-12-06 A Faithful Witness Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
    2013-11-22 The Song Bird's Cage Pastor Jeff Harper Play
  • Prophecies of Hope

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-10-26 The Colossal City Pastor Doug Batch... Play
    2012-10-26 The Bride Of Christ Pastor Doug Batch... Play
    2012-10-26 Bonnie Molitor's ... Bonnie Molitor Play
  • Contemplative prayer: a clear...

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-07-20 Lecture 3 Prof. Howard Peth Play
    2012-07-20 Lecture 2 Prof. Howard Peth Play
    2012-07-19 Lecture 1 Howard Peth Play
  • Pavel Goia Prayer Seminar

    Praying like Jesus. Weekend prayer seminar by Pavel Goia.

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-02-17 Prayer seminar V Pavel Goia Play
    2012-02-17 Prayer seminar IV Pavel Goia Play
    2012-02-17 Prayer seminar III Pavel Goia Play
  • Daniel Bible Study

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-12-20 Two Conflicting P... Samuel Nunez, Th.D. Play
  • Victory Laodicea Ministries

    Presentations by Michael Kelly

    Date Title Presenter
    2018-02-17 The 7 Plagues of ... Michael Kelly Play
    2017-10-14 Reformation Warri... Micheal Kelly Play
    2016-09-17 Babylon Revealed Michael Kelly Play
  • Dinner with the Doctor

    Lectures given by Dr. Wes Youngberg, and occasionally live cooking demonstrations from Karen Houghton.

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-07-20 Gene Management: ... Wes Youngberg Play
    2013-07-12 SS Jul 13 2013 Wes Youngberg Play
    2013-04-26 SS Apr 27 2013 Dr. Wes Youngberg Play
  • Mad about marriage

    Pastor Mike and Gail Tucker present "Mad about marriage".

    Date Title Presenter
    2010-03-19 MAD part 6 Mike Tucker Play
    2010-03-19 MAD part 5 Gail Tucker Play
    2010-03-19 MAD part 4 Mike Tucker Play
  • 2012 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-12-14 Do Not Be Afraid Paster Samuel Nunez Play
    2012-12-07 One Thing Pastor Jeff Harper Play
    2012-11-02 Martyr To Mission Pastor Jeff Harper Play
  • Financial lectures

    Date Title Presenter
    2009-01-16 The Economy: Impl... Lewis Walton Play
    2009-01-16 The Economy: What... Lewis Walton Play
    2009-01-16 Were You Surprised? Lewis Walton Play
  • Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2008-12-05 A time for angels Gerald Jones Play
    2008-12-12 The good news get... Gerald Jones Play
    2008-11-21 Two most beautifu... Alex Martinez Play