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Fallbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church The "clock-tower" church along I-15N in Fallbrook, California


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10/15/2021 "Why Evangelism?" Download
10/07/2021 "A Bad Day Fushing . . . " Download
09/24/2021 "Miracles in the Holy Land" Download
09/17/2021 "Angry Saints" Download
09/10/2021 "One of the Greatest Gifts of Life" Download
08/27/2021 "One Purpose" Download
08/20/2021 "Bread, Wine and Oil" Download
07/23/2021 "Please, Please, Don't Leave Me!" Download
07/16/2021 "Stressed Out" Download
07/01/2021 "A Genuine Fake" Download
06/25/2021 "The Ministry of Engagement" Download
06/18/2021 "The House Band" Download
06/10/2021 ""A Blessing in Disguise" Download
05/27/2021 "The Sense of Wonder" Download
05/21/2021 "Special Weekend Seminar" Download
05/14/2021 "Robbers on the Loose" Download
05/06/2021 "The Marked Bible" Download
04/30/2021 "God's Secret Service" Download
04/23/2021 "God on Trial" Download
04/16/2021 "A Fool for a Client" Download
04/02/2021 'Holy Saturday: Good Grief" Download
03/26/2021 "Me, An Evangelist?" Download
03/19/2021 "Creeping Compromise" Download
03/05/2021 "Divorce is the Answer!" Download
02/26/2021 "Top Stocks to Invest In" Download
02/18/2021 "King Rehoboam, Jesus and Leadership" Download
02/12/2021 "Insulting Love" Download
02/04/2021 "Losing Their Heads" Download
01/29/2021 "Prophet of Destiny" Download
01/22/2021 "The White Truth" Download
01/14/2021 "DC or JC?" Download
01/08/2021 "God's Secret Weapon" Download
12/31/2020 "2020 - Be Still and Know . . . 2021" Download
12/24/2020 "An Inconvenient Baby" Download
11/13/2020 "How Did Adventists Become Sabbath-keepers?" Download
10/30/2020 "Jesus Loves M&M's" Download
10/24/2020 "The Language that Reaches All" Download
10/16/2020 "The Abomination of Desolation" Download
10/10/2020 "Hitler's MOB" Download
10/02/2020 Putting on the Whole Armor of God Download
09/04/2020 "The Greatest Love Story" Download
09/04/2020 "Jesus is . . . Download
08/01/2020 "Mission Possible" Download
02/26/2020 "Angels" Download
02/19/2020 "Humble or Stumble" Download
02/13/2020 "Compelled by Love" Download
02/06/2020 "Injustice for One, Justice for All" Download
02/06/2020 "Hold Your Peace or Press Release?" Download
01/20/2020 Final Empire Event Download
01/16/2020 "Before Governors, Kings and the U.S. Senate" Download
01/10/2020 "A Deeper, More Intimate, More Powerful Experience" Download
01/02/2020 "Old has gone, New is here!" Download
01/02/2020 "The Birth of Jesus Story" Download
12/12/2019 "Joseph, the Investigative Judgment and You" Download
12/04/2019 "The Wise Men's Star" Download
11/29/2019 "America's Secret" Download
11/23/2019 "In Remembrance of Me" Download
11/14/2019 "Longing for Home" Download
11/06/2019 "The Power of our Influence" Download
10/31/2019 "A Prince in the Prison is Still a Prince" Download
10/31/2019 "The R-rated Chapter" Download
10/16/2019 "From Prosecutor to Pastor" Download
10/13/2019 Parable Series: "The Sower . . . " Download
10/03/2019 Parable Series: "The Choice is Now YOURS" Download
09/27/2019 Parable Series: "A Great Gulf Fixed" Download
09/19/2019 "Sudden Storms" Download
09/12/2019 A Wedding Parable Download
09/05/2019 "A Loan from Heaven" Download
08/30/2019 "The Parable of Labor Day" Download
08/24/2019 "WORTH IT!" Download
08/17/2019 "Glory to Hm Forever": Download
08/09/2019 "Heaven Is Cheap Enough" Download
08/07/2019 "Heaven Is Cheap Enough" Download
08/02/2019 "Jesus ... Focus ... Problems ... Jesus" Download
07/30/2019 "By Faith . . ." Download
07/18/2019 "As You See the Day Drawing Near" Download
07/11/2019 "The Priest of Priests Who Did It Once and for All" Download
07/08/2019 "A New and Better Covenant" Download
06/27/2019 "A New and Better Covenant" Download
06/21/2019 "The Greatest Purpose" Download
06/14/2019 "The High Priest of Righteousness" Download
06/06/2019 "Lay Hold of Hope" Download
06/02/2019 "He Learned Obedience from Suffering" Download
05/24/2019 "Drawing Near the Throne or Grace" Download
05/19/2019 'Out of Egypt, But Not in the Promised Land Yet" Download
05/09/2019 "How Shall We Escape . . . ?" Download
05/04/2019 "Our Speaker for These Last Days Is . . . " Download
04/26/2019 "Three Secrets of Lasting Peace" Download
04/19/2019 "God Still Moves Stones" Download
04/06/2019 "The Prophetic Word: Part 2" Download
03/29/2019 "The Prophetic Word" Download
03/15/2019 "Finding Refuge in the Impossible" Download
03/08/2019 "At That Time . . . " Download
03/03/2019 "Working Together" Download
03/03/2019 "A New Commandment" Download
02/15/2019 "You Are a Living Sermon!" Download
02/08/2019 "By Faith" Download
02/02/2019 "What Am I Looking At?" Download
01/25/2019 "Renewed" Download
01/10/2019 "All Things New?" Download
01/03/2019 "A New Beginning" Download
12/27/2018 "Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb" Download
12/20/2018 "The Greatest of All Time" Download
12/16/2018 "For We Have Seen His Star" Download
01/17/2019 "When You Hit Rock Bottom, Put on the Garment of Praise" Download
11/28/2018 "Unto You a Savior" Download
11/23/2018 "Witnessing Through Gratefulness" Download
11/23/2018 "Could It Have Been A Mistake?" Download
11/08/2018 "Arise, Shine" Download
11/08/2018 "Grief's Witness" Download
11/08/2018 "That They May Glorify Your Father In Heaven" Download
11/08/2018 "The Great Disappointment" Download
10/13/2018 "It's All About God" Download
10/07/2018 "Living with Hope in a Hopeless Age" Download
09/28/2018 "Finding Strength in your Weaknesses" Download
09/21/2018 "Wrestling With God" Download
09/21/2018 ":God's Camp": Download
09/10/2018 "The Perfect Family" Download
08/30/2018 "The House on the Rock" Download
08/23/2018 "He Emptied Himself" Download
08/16/2018 August 18 Bulletin Download
08/10/2018 "Train Up A Child" Download
08/06/2018 "Patience, Plans and Prosperity" Download
07/30/2018 "Returning" Download
07/30/2018 "Rules, Who Needs Them?" Download
07/12/2018 "The Hard Work of Love" Download
07/05/2018 "Home Sweet Home" Download
06/28/2018 "The Wasteful Son" Download
06/22/2018 "Submerged in God's Love: Jesus' Baptism" Download
06/22/2018 "Heroic" Download
05/31/2018 Come Now . . . Download
05/18/2018 The Purpose of Trials Download
05/03/2018 Face to Face Download
04/29/2018 Citizens of Earth, Subjects of Heaven Download
04/20/2018 Guarding the Avenues of the Mind Download
04/09/2018 The Lord God, Merciful and Gracious Download
03/28/2018 "Christ Crucified" Download
03/23/2018 One Greater Download
03/19/2018 The Second Time Download
03/19/2018 A Great Message Download
03/19/2018 The Truth About Failure Download
03/19/2018 The Shepherd Download
03/19/2018 A High Calling Download
03/19/2018 Does It Matter? Download
03/19/2018 Challenging Axioms Download
01/21/2018 The Living God is Among You Download
01/12/2018 Only Be Strong & of Good Courage Download
01/12/2018 What Are You Dojng? Download
12/29/2017 The Joy and Blessing of Service Download
12/29/2017 Lying in a Manger Download
12/14/2017 What Child is This? Download
12/14/2017 Humble and Obedient Download
12/14/2017 Greatness is Serving Download
11/27/2017 Source of Supply Download
11/27/2017 The Touch of Faith Download
11/27/2017 Together Download
11/27/2017 A Time to be Thankful Download
11/01/2017 My Witnesses Download
11/01/2017 Revival and Reformation in Ancient Israel Download
10/12/2017 It Is Still All About Jesus Download
10/12/2017 Transformed from the Inside Out Download
09/27/2017 When God's People Pray Download
09/27/2017 "The Place" Download
09/14/2017 The Blessings of Stewardship Download
09/14/2017 Hearing the Promise: His Covenant Download
08/31/2017 Seeing the Promise Land: "It Is a Good land" Download
08/30/2017 "One as We Are" Download
08/30/2017 Drop Your Luggage Download
08/30/2017 Whatever You Ask Download
08/03/2017 The Truth About the Future Conflict - Part Two Download