Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Fallbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church The "clock-tower" church along I-15N in Fallbrook, California


2013 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2013-12-27 The Bethesda Man and Me Danny Houghton Play
2013-12-06 A Faithful Witness Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
2013-11-22 The Song Bird's Cage Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2013-11-08 Give vs. Get Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2013-11-01 A Day of Healing Pastor Sam Nunez Play
2013-10-25 The Perfect Moment Pastor Gerald Jones Play
2013-10-18 How To Keep The Sabbath Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2013-10-11 Simple Remedies to the Rescue Part 2 Brent Waggoner Play
2013-10-10 Simple Remedies to the Rescue Part 1 Brent Waggoner Play
2013-10-11 Born of the Spirit Pastor Sam Nunez Play
2013-10-04 Dressed for Success Pastor Tim Jones Play
2013-09-27 River of Healing Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2013-09-20 Soul Saving Friend Greg Harper Play
2013-09-13 He Dwells With A Sinner Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2013-09-06 Love Reaching Out Pastor Tim Jones Play
2013-08-30 He Talked With A Woman Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2013-08-23 The Advent Movement Dylan Dawkins & Ptr. Jeff Harper Play
2013-08-09 Perfectly Loved Ptr. Samuel Nunez Play
2013-08-02 Church Family Andrea Anderson Play
2013-07-26 The Harvest - Part 2 Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2013-07-19 The Harvest Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2013-07-12 Connected Ptr. Samuel Nunez Play
2013-07-05 One Word: Love Ptr Samuel Nunez Play
2013-06-28 Marriage to Glorify God Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2013-06-21 Leave It To Beaver? Ptr Jeff Harper Play
2013-06-14 Honor. . . Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2013-06-07 Eli and Samuel's Partnership Pastor Jamey Houghton Play
2013-05-31 Happy Home Andrea Anderson Play
2013-05-17 The 144,000 Professor Edwin Reynolds Play
2013-05-17 The Four Winds of Revelation 7 Pastor Kenneth Cox Play
2013-05-10 A Pierced Heart Ptr. Samuel Nunez Play
2013-04-26 Second Angel's Message Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2013-04-19 Let it Shine Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2013-04-12 First Angel's Message Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2013-04-05 More Blessed Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2013-03-29 What Doest Thou Here? Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2013-03-15 Teaching the Word of God Pastor Sam Nunez Play
2013-03-08 Influence Doug Houghton Play
2013-03-07 Forgiveness & Bible Study Doug Houghton Play
2013-02-22 Follow Jesus Andrea Anderson Play
2013-02-15 Many Hardships Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2013-01-18 Advisers or Foot Soldiers? Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2013-01-11 Preach Jesus Ptr. Samuel Nunez Play
2013-01-04 The Seventh-Day Sabbath: Sign of Shalom Play
2013-01-04 God's Eternal Covenant Dr. Gudmundur Olafsson Play
2013-01-04 Promised Blessing Pastor Kenneth Cox Play