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Fallbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church The "clock-tower" church along I-15N in Fallbrook, California


2014|2015 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2015-12-26 Do not be afraid! Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2016-12-19 One Of Us Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2015-12-12 Perfect Love Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2015-12-05 When Tragedy Strikes Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2015-11-28 His indescribable gift Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2015-11-21 Time..use it Wisely Pastor Sam Nunez Play
2015-11-07 Take Away The Show Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2015-11-07 Losing Me Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2015-11-07 Facing The Pain Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2015-11-06 The Walking Wounded Pastor Keala Thompson Play
2015-10-31 Talent in a handkerchief Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2015-10-24 The Sabbath: Taste It Again For The First Time Pastor Gerald Jones Play
2015-10-17 John the Baptist Financial Plan Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2015-10-10 All Good Gifts Come From Above Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2015-10-03 Dissapointment's Great Appointment David Machado Play
2015-09-26 Called to Serve Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2015-09-18 Fiery Trials and Suffering Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2015-09-11 The End of All Things is at Hand Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2015-09-04 The Just For The Unjust Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2015-08-28 How To Win Over an Unbelieving Family Member Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2015-08-21 Follow His Steps Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2015-08-14 Babies, Stones and Priests Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2015-08-07 By Him Pastor Sam Nunez Play
2015-07-31 Who's Your Daddy? Pr. Jeff Harper Play
2015-07-24 God's Position System (GPS): The Sanctuary Pr. Jeff Harper Play
2015-07-10 Freedom, Love, and Service Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2015-07-17 Trees of Righteousness Andrew Kuninobu Play
2015-07-03 The Law of Liberty Pastor Sam Nunez Play
2015-06-26 Reviving Your Faith Peter Flores Play
2015-06-19 Our Father Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2015-06-12 Fasting Is Not An Option Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2015-06-05 Pray Without Ceasing! Play
2015-05-29 How to Know Gods Will Fallbrook Youth Play
2015-05-22 The Holy Spirit and The Cross Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2015-05-15 Where Sin Abounds, Grace Much More Abounds Pator Peter Neri Play
2015-05-08 Hannah Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2015-05-01 That They May Be One Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2015-04-24 Personal Effort Precedes the Harvest Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2015-04-17 The cost of leadership Jonathan Park Play
2015-04-10 What's love got to do with it? Andrew Kuninobu Play
2015-04-03 Marriage for a Lifetime Pastor Manny Vitug Play
2015-04-03 Making Family Connections Pastor Manny Vitug Play
2015-03-27 If I Be Lifted Up Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2015-03-20 From Prosecutor to Preacher David Steward Play
2015-03-13 Scarlet Harlot David Steward Play
2015-03-06 Mark of the Beast, Part II David Steward Play
2015-02-27 Who Are You Looking At? Pastor Jeff Harpr Play
2015-02-20 Martyrship: The Ultimate Romance David Steward Play
2015-02-08 Health seminar Dr. Clarence Ing Play
2015-02-06 A good fear Yisel Covarrubias Play
2015-01-30 The 4 Tools of Evangelism - (4) Tactful Persuasion Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2015-01-23 The 4 Tools of Evangelism - (3) Personal Effort Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2015-01-16 The 4 Tools of Evangelism - (2) The Holy Spirit Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2015-01-09 The 4 Tools of Evangelism - (1) Fervent Prayer Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2015-01-02 Beginnings Play
2015-12-26 The Worshipping Wise Men Play
2014-12-20 CRCP Music Program Canyon Ridge Christian Preparatory School Play
2014-12-19 The Case of the Four Ladies Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-12-12 Behold the Father's Love! Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2014-12-05 What's in your hand? Pastor Justin Khoe Play
2014-11-20 Discoveries of a lifetime Dr. Michael Hasel Play
2014-11-14 Jesus' Final Plea Dr. Martin Pröbstle Play
2014-11-07 The Solemn Service at Shechem Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-10-31 When God Says No Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2014-10-24 The Walls Came Tumbling Down Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-10-17 Lest We Forget Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2014-10-10 Crossing Jordan Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-10-03 A Summary of Dr. Gerald Jones' Doctoral Dissertation Dr. Gerald Jones Play
2014-10-03 Seal Me! Dr. Gerald Jones Play
2014-09-26 Saved to Save Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2014-09-19 Canaan's Edge Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-09-12 By The Word Of Their Testimony - Vernon Maestas Dan Houghton with Vernon Maestas Play
2014-09-12 By The Word Of Their Testimony - Paul & Lisa Willis Dan Houghton with Paul & Lisa Willis Play
2014-09-05 God's covenant Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2014-08-29 God's purpose Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2014-08-22 Eastside Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-08-15 God's plan Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2014-08-01 The sanctuary doctrine Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-07-18 Wise rock and foolish sand Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-07-25 God's dwelling place Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2014-07-11 The narrow gate Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2014-07-04 The law and the profets Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2014-06-27 Who Is the Judge? Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-06-20 Come and follow me Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2014-06-13 Conformed to the Counterfeit Reality Scott Ritsema Play
2014-06-13 Raising the Remnant - Second Service Play
2014-06-13 Personal Testimony - Sabbath School Play
2014-06-13 TV, Gaming and Your Brain - First Service Scott Ritsema Play
2014-06-06 21st Century Life Lessons from the Book of Job Ricardo Graham Play
2014-05-30 Who Do You Trust? Pastor Sam Nunez Play
2014-05-23 Right Relationships Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2014-05-09 Jochebed Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-04-25 Our Daily Bread Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2014-04-18 Thy Will Be Done Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2014-04-04 When God used a woman Karen Houghton Play
2014-03-28 Slapping, suing, and saving the spiteful Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-03-21 The Cross and the Ecumenical Apostasy Taj Pacleb Play
2014-03-21 From Broken to Blessed Taj Pacleb Play
2014-03-21 Repairers of the Breach Taj Pacleb Play
2014-03-14 I promise! Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
2014-03-07 Anger danger Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-02-28 Louder Than Words Pastor SamNunez Play
2014-02-21 Pass the Salt, Please Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-02-14 The kingdom of heaven Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
2014-02-07 At the Right Time Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-01-31 Standing at the door Samuel Nuñez Play
2014-01-31 Testimony Bill Houghton Play
2014-01-31 Because of the word of God Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play
2014-01-17 The Central Theme of Revelation Dr. Ranko Stefanovic Play
2014-01-17 The Daniel I Never Knew Dr. Zdravko Stefanovic Play
2014-01-17 Satan is a Defeated Enemy Ranko Stefanovic Play
2014-01-17 An Unfinished Song Dr. Zdravko Stefanovic Play
2014-01-10 Open door policy Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2014-01-03 Going through the motions Pastor Samuel Nuñez Play