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Fallbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church The "clock-tower" church along I-15N in Fallbrook, California



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Date Title Presenter
2009-04-10 It is Finished! Pastor Gerald Jones Play
2009-03-27 Where it all began Rudy Carrillo Play
2009-03-20 Get behind me, Satan Gerald Jones Play
2009-03-13 A new group of gleaners Gerald Jones Play
2009-03-06 Seek ye first Sam Nuñez Play
2009-02-27 Founding father Gerald Jones Play
2009-02-20 Why communion Gerald Jones Play
2009-02-06 What is in your hand? Alex Martinez Play
2009-01-30 Better and the Best Pastor Gerald Jones Play
2009-01-09 A God who clothes the grass Gerald Jones Play
2008-12-12 The good news gets better Gerald Jones Play
2008-12-05 A time for angels Gerald Jones Play
2008-11-28 Like a well planted tree Sam Nuñez Play
2008-11-21 Obesity Paul Willis Play
2008-11-21 Two most beautiful pictures Alex Martinez Play
2008-11-14 How's your courage Gerald Jones Play
2008-11-07 Who is the greatest Gerald Jones Play
2008-10-24 Jesus our hope of glory Samuel Nuñez Play
2008-10-17 Ready to lead Gerald Jones Play
2008-10-10 Miracles Gerald Jones Play
2008-10-03 Learn to look for God Gerald Jones Play
2008-09-26 Can you believe it? Gerald Jones Play
2008-09-12 This hopeful, cheerful contemplation Gerald Jones Play
2008-08-29 Transformed Gerald Jones Play
2008-08-22 You gotta believe! Gerald Jones Play
2008-08-15 How faith fights! Gerald Jones Play
2008-08-01 Who?! Gerald Jones Play
2008-07-04 Nothing when you should have said something Paul Willis Play
2008-07-04 It doesn't make sense God Alex Martinez Play
2008-06-27 Extraordinary action of firm faith Gerald Jones Play
2008-06-20 Impossible to please Gerald Jones Play
2008-06-13 The Lord will provide - a fearful burden Gerald Jones Play
2008-06-06 The struggle within Michael Kelly Play
2008-05-29 Bible work 1 Alex Martinez Play
2008-05-23 What we owe to others hands Gerald Jones Play
2008-05-16 Where's the intercessor? Gerald Jones Play
2008-05-02 The Holy Spirit and the Last Days Pastor Gerald Jones Play
2008-04-11 Divine guidance Gerald Jones Play
2008-04-04 Something more than outward appearances Alex Martinez Play
2008-03-28 Misunderstood God Gerald Jones Play
2008-03-21 The world does not look redeemed Gerald Jones Play
2008-03-14 I will deliver him to you Gerald Jones Play
2008-03-07 Sorrow to joy Gerald Jones Play
2008-02-29 Gold Calf Syndrome Pastor Gerald Jones Play
2008-02-22 Forgetting is an act of faith Alex Martinez Play
2008-02-15 Sojourner: The Rest of the Story Oliver Jaques Play
2008-02-01 Prove it Gerald Jones Play
2008-01-04 Is this where faith leads Gerald Jones Play
2007-12-28 Rehearsing for eternity Gerald Jones Play
2007-12-07 Elusive joy Gerald Jones Play
2007-11-30 Sabbath school, Meekness in the crucible Dan Houghton Play
2007-11-30 God to the rescue Gerald Jones Play
2007-11-23 Way out of no way Gerald Jones Play
2007-11-16 Two Musts Gerald Jones Play
2007-11-09 Basis for belief Alex Martinez Play
2007-11-02 I'm bad Gerald Jones Play
2007-10-26 Presentation of the canidate Ken Molitor Play
2007-10-26 Called by grace Erika Puni Play
2007-10-19 Beauty for ashes Gerald Jones Play
2007-10-12 Sermon from 13 Oct, 2007 Gerald Jones Play
2007-10-05 Animal planet and the challenge of dominion Gerald Jones Play
2007-08-31 Angels' Winds Gerald Jones Play
2007-08-17 Suppertime! Gerald Jones Play
2007-08-10 To Make Ready a People Peter Neri Play
2007-08-03 Straight From His heart Gerald Jones Play
2007-07-27 The Rewards of Making a Contribution Gerald Jones Play
2007-07-20 Blinded By an Outsider Danny Houghton Play
2007-06-29 What's next Gerald Jones Play
2007-06-22 Forgiveness is better Gerald Jones Play
2007-04-20 Before and after Gerald Jones Play
2007-04-13 Who are you looking for Gerald Jones Play
2007-03-23 H.A.S. the order Gerald Jones Play
2007-03-16 Love with a love that's more than love Gerald Jones Play
2007-03-09 Roots Gerald Jones Play
2007-03-02 Experiencing God through prayer Jerry and Janet Page Play
2007-02-23 God was present Gerald Jones Play
2007-02-16 At the feet of Jesus in worship Ulisese Mataafa Play
2007-02-09 Radical prayer Danny Houghton Play
2007-02-02 Hiding behind fig leafs Gerald Jones Play
2007-01-26 Made in the image of God; what a blessing Gerald Jones Play
2007-01-19 Everyone has a price Gerald Jones Play
2007-01-12 Here comes the dreamer Gerald Jones Play
2007-01-05 This far by faith Gerald Jones Play
2006-12-29 From the crib to the cross Gerald Jones Play
2006-12-15 Virgin territory Gerald Jones Play
2006-12-08 The best christmas greeting Ulisese Mataafa Play
2006-12-01 Receivers before givers Gerald Jones Play
2006-11-24 My God has been here Gerald Jones Play
2006-11-17 The gates of hell Gerald Jones Play
2006-11-03 The answer we give Gerald Jones Play
2006-10-27 Seeking answers from the dark side Gerald Jones Play
2006-10-20 Moses on leadership Gerald Jones Play
2006-10-13 Heart failure Gerald Jones Play
2006-10-06 What does your heart desire Ulisese Mataafa Play
2006-09-29 The gift goes on Gerald Jones Play
2006-09-22 It's you and no one else Gerald Jones Play
2006-09-15 God stooped down Gerald Jones Play
2006-09-08 From one blood Gerald Jones Play
2006-09-01 Lift up your head Gerald Jones Play
2006-08-25 Always enough for everyone Gerald Jones Play
2006-08-18 A strange way to express love Gerald Jones Play
2006-08-11 He eats with us Gerald Jones Play
2006-08-04 Left behind Gerald Jones Play
2006-07-28 Why should you care about Israel Gerald Jones Play
2006-07-21 The seven signs of prophecy Michael Campbell Play
2006-07-14 Your christian influence Ulisese Mataafa Play
2006-07-07 Walk with Jesus on the water Ulisese Mataafa Play
2006-06-30 Our independence day Gerald Jones Play
2006-06-23 The sprouting seed Ulisese Mataafa Play
2006-06-09 Boast in the power of the cross Ulisese Mataafa Play
2006-06-02 The concern of a christian mother Gerald Jones Play
2006-05-26 Teach our children to fight Gerald Jones Play
2006-05-19 Sermon Gerald Jones Play
2006-05-12 The concern of a christian mother ulisese mataafa Play
2006-05-05 We have found the book of the law Dan Houghton Play
2006-04-28 It's yours Gerald Jones Play
2006-04-21 Living the advent hope Samuele Bacchiocchi Play
2006-04-14 Crucified for our healing Gerald Jones Play
2006-04-07 Set your face towards Jerusalem Gerald Jones Play
2006-03-31 Peter's Denial Gerald Jones Play
2006-03-24 What would be your best to offer? Ulisese Mataafa Play
2006-03-17 Who Gerald Jones Play
2006-03-03 Can I eat meat and still be saved? Gerald Jones Play
2006-02-24 I can't go back Gerald Jones Play
2006-02-17 The priceless treasure Ulisese Mataafa Play
2006-02-10 Communion Gerald Jones Play
2006-01-27 The fugitive Ulisese Mataafa Play
2006-01-20 Way of life Gerald Jones Play
2006-01-13 I have a dream Dillon Dawkins Play
2006-01-13 Content of character Gerald Jones Play
2006-01-06 Walk with the wise Gerald Jones Play
2005-12-30 He sleeps Gerald Jones Play
2005-12-16 17 dec 2005 Peter Neri Play
2005-12-09 Silence of the lambs Gerald Jones Play
2005-12-02 What does God desire of you? Ulisese Mataafa Play
2005-11-25 Knock, Knock Gerald Jones Play
2005-11-18 Where is the rest? Gerald Jones Play
2005-11-11 Mission impossible Gerald Jones Play
2005-11-04 The last days: One of many Gerald Jones Play
2005-10-28 The shoreline appearing Ulisese Mataafa Play
2005-10-21 Why is change so difficult, part 2 Gerald Jones Play
2005-10-07 Here was the real thing Gerald Jones Play
2005-09-30 Doing God's will, is the matter so clear? Gerald Jones Play
2005-09-23 Time travel Gerald Jones Play
2005-09-16 Why didn't they leave? Gerald Jones Play
2005-09-09 With Jesus, it's worth the effort Ulisese Mataafa Play
2005-08-26 The Divine Search Gerald Jones Play
2005-08-05 What About Worship Gerald Jones Play
2005-07-29 Postmodern Evangelism Miroslav Pujic Play
2005-07-22 Truth of the Talking Bull Danny Houghton Play
2005-07-15 Abide in His Love Ulisese Mataafa Play
2005-07-08 Sermon Ulisese Mataafa Play
2005-07-01 Since These Are the Last Days Gerald Jones Play
2005-06-24 Holy Spirit Gerald Jones Play
2005-06-10 Can God Trust You? Gerald Jones Play
2005-06-03 World Changers Gerald Jones Play
2005-05-27 War Memorial Gerald Jones Play
2005-05-20 Sermon of 21 May 2005 Gerald Jones Play
2005-04-29 We Have It Made! Gerald Jones Play
2005-04-22 Free At Last Gerald Jones Play
2005-04-15 Heavenly Surprises Gerald Jones Play
2005-04-08 Life After Death Gerald Jones Play
2005-04-01 Given the Choice Choose Life Gerald Jones Play
2005-03-25 Blind Justice Gerald Jones Play
2005-03-18 Love Spilling Over Gerald Jones Play
2005-03-11 Famous Last Words Gerald Jones Play
2005-03-04 It's Not I, But Christ Gerald Jones Play
2005-02-25 Who Would Follow Jesus Gerald Jones Play
2005-02-18 Healing For A Look Gerald Jones Play
2005-02-11 When a Man Loves a Woman Gerald Jones Play
2005-01-28 Unless These Men Michael B. Kelly Play
2005-01-21 Worship Other God's Gerald Jones Play
2005-01-14 Caught in the Crowd Reaching for Jesus Gerald Jones Play
2005-01-07 Something About Merry, 2nd service Gerald Jones Play
2004-12-31 What does God want me to do? Gerald Jones Play
2004-12-17 Something About Mary Gerald Jones Play
2004-12-10 The Innkeeper Gerald Jones Play
2004-12-03 Wind Beneath My Wings Gerald Jones Play
2004-11-26 Generous to a Fault Gerald Jones Play
2004-11-12 Think Big! Pray Big! Believe Big! Gerald Jones Play
2004-11-05 A Sanctuary in Time Gerald Jones Play
2004-10-29 Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid Gerald Jones Play
2004-10-22 The House Built On a Rock Gerald Jones Play
2004-10-15 The Nearest Willing Gerald Jones Play
2004-10-08 Prince and Shepherd Gerald Jones Play
2004-10-01 When Christ's Power Was Hindered Gerald Jones Play
2004-09-24 Broken Lanterns Shawn Boonstra Play
2004-09-17 Breaking Strongholds Gerald Jones Play
2004-09-03 Drawn Away By Savage Wolves Gerald Jones Play
2004-08-27 The Theology of Enough Gerald Jones Play
2004-08-13 What You See Is What You Get Gerald Jones Play
2004-08-06 Keep Hope Alive Gerald Jones Play
2004-03-12 Jesus, Try Him Again For the First Time Gerald Jones Play
2004-03-05 To Know God Is To Love Me Gerald Jones Play
2004-02-27 We Are Called To Serve Ulisese Mataafa Play
2004-02-13 Why So Much Suffering? Steve Uraine Play
2004-02-06 It's the Law, or is it? Burton Maxwell Play
2004-01-23 Sermon from 24 JAN 2004 Gerald Jones Play
2004-01-16 Pathfinder Sermons S. Fiske, S. Medcalf, & G. Lewis Play
2004-01-09 It is Your Choice Gerald Jones Play
2003-12-19 Sermon Gerald Jones Play
2003-12-12 Sermon from 13 Dec 2003 Gerald Jones Play
2003-11-28 The Power of the Tongue Jamey Houghton Play
2003-11-21 Advantages of Being a Seventh-day Adventist Burton Maxwell Play
2003-11-14 Best Offer For a Thirsty Soul Ulisese Mataafa Play
2003-11-07 Sermon of 08 nov 2003 Gerald Jones Play
2003-10-31 Sermon of 01 nov 2003 Gerald Jones Play
2003-10-24 Sermon of 25 oct 2003 Gerald Jones Play
2003-10-17 Sermon of 18 oct 2003 Gerald Jones Play
2003-10-10 Sermon from 11 oct 2003 Gerald Jones Play
2003-10-03 For Such a Time as This Kris Fuentes Play
2003-09-19 Sermon of 20 Sep 2003 Dan Houghton Play
2003-08-29 Behold the Lamb of God Ulisese Mataafa Play
2003-08-22 Jesus Is All the World to Me Ulisese Mataafa Play
2003-08-08 Our Awesome God has a Master Plan Burton Maxwell Play
2003-07-25 Dedication and Commitment Dan Houghton Play
2003-07-11 Finding God's Will By A Well Barry Tryon Play
2003-07-04 Sermon from 05 Jul 2003 Burton Maxwell Play
2003-06-27 Our God Is An Awesome Lover Pat Maxwell Play
2003-06-20 Sermon from 21 Jun 2003 Gerald Jones Play
2003-06-13 Our God is an Awesome God Burton Maxwell Play
2003-06-06 How To Become A Somebody Through Faith Burton Maxwell Play
2003-05-30 Faith Still Works If You Let It Burton, Pat Maxwell Play
2003-05-16 A Prescription for Greatness Burton Maxwell Play
2003-05-09 Sermon from 10 May 2003 Maxwell Play
2003-04-25 You Need to Have Something to Say Peter Neri Play
2003-04-18 Pineapple Story Ed Cheneweth Play
2003-04-04 Faith Still Works in Families Burton, Pat Maxwell Play
2003-03-28 Faith Works, Still Works. Burton Maxwell Play
2003-03-21 Faith Still Works When You Walk With God Burton Maxwell Play
2003-03-14 Faith Still Works in Worship Pat Maxwell Play
2003-03-07 What is Faith? Maxwell Play
2003-02-21 Correct Way to Say Goodbye Peter Neri Play
2003-02-14 Wolves Among Sheep, Part 3 Peter Neri Play
2003-02-07 Wolves Among Sheep, Part 2 Peter Neri Play
2003-01-31 Wolves Among Sheep, Part 1 Peter Neri Play
2003-01-24 Lessons From Repetition Peter Neri Play
2003-01-10 Farewell of Pastor Neri Peter Neri Play
2003-01-03 Declaration of My Independence Peter Neri Play
2002-12-20 True Heart of Christmas Peter Neri Play
2002-12-13 Christmas Program Peter Neri Play
2002-12-06 The Gift Of Discernment Peter Neri Play
2002-11-29 Jesus Special Gift For Us Peter Neri Play
2002-11-22 Testimony Alicia Ruiz Play
2002-11-15 Broken Alabaster Jar Ulisese Mataafa Play
2002-11-01 Compassion Translates Into Action Peter Neri Play
2002-10-18 Communion Sabbath Peter Neri Play
2002-10-11 Ain't Got Time To Die Michael Kelly Play
2002-10-03 Bear The Burdens With Others Peter Neri Play
2002-09-27 He Can Raise Us From The Dead Peter Neri Play
2002-09-20 The Crumbs of Faith Ulisese Mataafa Play
2002-09-13 Equiping the Saints for 21st Century Peter Neri Play
2002-09-06 What's Up With The Children Of The Kingdom? Peter Neri Play
2002-08-23 Learning From The Outside Peter Neri Play
2002-08-16 The True Gospel, R & R Peter Neri Play
2002-08-09 Thy Kingdom Come Kris Fuentes Play
2002-08-02 Current Prevailing Sin Peter Neri Play
2002-07-26 Before You Say No, Check This Out Peter Neri Play
2002-07-19 How Many Times Have I Told You Peter Neri Play
2002-07-12 Communion, Ulisese Mataafa Play
2002-07-05 Sermon Of 06 JULY 2002 Peter Neri Play
2002-06-21 Free At Last In The House Of Grace Peter Neri Play
2002-06-14 Faith In Our Father Peter Neri Play
2002-06-07 The Right To Be A Child Of God Peter Neri Play
2002-05-31 The Trumpet Sounding Peter Neri Play
2002-05-24 Cornelius Comes To Fallbrook Peter Neri Play
2002-05-17 The Continuous Ascending Cloud Peter Neri Play
2002-05-10 Prayer of a Mother Peter Neri Play
2002-05-03 Re-Ignite Gift of God Ulisese Mataafa Play
2002-04-26 Is Silence Golden Peter Neri Play
2002-04-19 Communion Peter Neri Play
2002-04-12 Sermon of April 13 2002 Peter Neri Play
2002-04-05 Who Is Really In Control Peter Neri Play
2002-03-29 Sweet Rest Of The Righteous Peter Neri Play
2002-03-22 Passion for Divine Perspective Ulisese Mataafa Play
2002-03-15 Listen To The Talking Horses Peter Neri Play
2002-03-08 Lion Then Lamb + New Associate Pastor Peter Neri Play
2002-03-01 Stuck On Forgiveness Michael Kelly Play
2002-02-22 To Him That Overcomes ... What Peter Neri Play
2001-12-28 My Resolution Peter Neri Play
2001-12-14 The Straw Baby Never Fails Peter Neri Play
2001-12-07 God is Watching Perry Robinson Play
2001-11-30 The Great Deception Michael Kelly Play
2001-10-26 October 27 Sermon Peter Neri Play
2001-10-19 October 20 sermon Perry Robinson Play
2001-10-12 R U Unprepared? Peter Neri Play
2001-10-05 What is the Church Peter Neri Play
2001-09-28 Sermon from September 29 Peter Neri Play
2001-09-21 Where is God Peter Neri Play
2001-09-14 Sermon from September 15 Peter Neri Play
2001-09-05 Sermon of Sep 2001 Peter Neri Play
2001-08-31 What Are You Following Peter Neri Play
2001-08-24 God Had A Purpose Peter Neri Play
2001-08-17 How Quickly We Forget Peter Neri Play
2001-08-10 Hardness of Heart Peter Neri Play
2001-08-03 Our Anchor Holds Kris Fuentes Play
2001-07-27 A Shelter in the Time of Storm Peter Neri Play
2001-07-20 Communion Dan Houghton Play
2001-07-13 The Right Choice Peter Neri Play
2001-07-06 Jabez Prayer 4 Peter Neri Play
2001-06-29 Hold My Hand Peter Neri Play
2001-06-20 Unclaimed Blessing Peter Neri Play
2001-06-15 Sermon of June 16, 2001 Peter Neri Play
2001-06-08 Sermon of June 09, 2001 Peter Neri Play
2001-06-01 Little Prayer Peter Neri Play
2001-05-25 Where Jesus Wants to Meet You Peter Neri Play
2001-05-18 The Ultimate Eradication of Sin Peter Neri Play
2001-05-11 The Last Commandment Peter Neri Play
2001-05-04 The Common Thread Throughout Peter Neri Play
2001-04-20 Sermon from April 21, 2001 Peter Neri Play
2001-04-13 Restoration Mike Lindstrom Play
2001-04-06 When the Music Begins Peter Neri Play
2001-03-30 Unrestricted Access Dan Houghton Play
2001-03-23 The Balanced God, Twice As Much Grace Peter Neri Play
2001-03-16 The Balanced God 1 Peter Neri Play
2001-03-09 God's Sandbox Parable 2 Peter Neri Play
2001-03-02 God's Sandbox Parable 1 Peter Neri Play
2001-02-23 Sermon Peter Neri Play
2013-11-23 T052_20131123.mp3 Play
2011-01-30 sermon.08jan2011.mp3 Play
2009-05-15 The_Shaking_051609.MP3 Pastor Gerald Jones Play
2009-04-28 Called by my name Play
2009-04-24 Bones of Babylon Play
2009-04-24 Field of dreams Play
2009-04-24 Victory! Laodicea Play
2009-04-17 Nothing to give Play
2009-04-17 Broken chains Play