Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Fallbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church The "clock-tower" church along I-15N in Fallbrook, California


2012 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2012-12-14 Do Not Be Afraid Paster Samuel Nunez Play
2012-12-07 One Thing Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2012-11-02 Martyr To Mission Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2012-10-19 The Practice of Selflessness Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2012-10-12 The Practice of Oneness Pastor Sam Nunez Play
2012-10-05 The Practice of Giving Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2012-09-28 Once Upon A Time Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2012-09-21 Prophetic preaching Pastor Sam Núñez Play
2012-08-24 The Mission Pastor Sam Núñez Play
2012-08-17 The cost of discipleship Dylan Dawkins Play
2012-07-27 Unmoved Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2012-07-13 Philippians Jeff Harper Play
2012-07-06 In Christ Pastor Samuel Núñez Play
2012-06-22 Good News! Andrea Anderson Play
2012-06-15 Just Passing Through Ptr. Jeff Harper Play
2012-05-11 Rejoice Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2012-05-04 Until the Day of Christ Jesus Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2012-04-27 Habits: not what you think Mindy Zinke Play
2012-04-06 The Cross Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2012-03-30 The Church and Its Mission Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2012-03-23 Youth sermonette Peter Flores Play
2012-03-23 Youth sermonette Bethany Velazquez Play
2012-03-23 Youth sermonette Isaiah Luevano Play
2012-03-23 A new name Andrea Anderson Play
2012-03-09 The Time of the End Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2012-02-16 Will the true rest please stand up? Jim Brackett Play
2012-02-16 Come see a man Jim Brackett Play
2012-02-10 Prayer Seminar - V Pavel Goia Play
2012-02-10 Prayer Seminar - IV Pavel Goia Play
2012-02-10 Prayer Seminar - III Pavel Goia Play
2012-02-10 Prayer Seminar - II Pavel Goia Play
2012-02-09 Prayer Seminar - I Pavel Goia Play
2012-01-27 Until Messiah the Prince Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2012-01-20 Our High Priest Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2012-01-13 The ram, the goat, and the little horn Samuel Núñez Play
2012-01-06 An Undivided Heart Jeff Harper Play
2011-12-30 Change Paster Samuel Nunez Play
2011-12-23 Lo, I Come Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2011-12-16 Where is He? Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2011-12-09 Luke, chapter 2 Jeff Harper Play
2011-12-02 His Name Sam Nuñez Play
2011-11-25 Thanksbeing Jeff Harper Play
2011-11-18 God Knows Our Fears Sam Nuñez Play
2011-11-04 Sermon Gerald Jones Play
2011-10-28 Daniel's Faith Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2011-10-21 The Writing on the Wall Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2011-10-14 God Knows Our Struggles Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2011-10-07 Sermon of 08 Oct 2012 Thom Meyer Play
2011-09-23 He Can Reveal the Future Sam Nuñez Play
2011-09-16 Daniel The Doer Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2011-09-09 The God Who Gives Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2011-09-02 For This Cause Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2011-08-26 A stolen life Guest speaker Play
2011-08-19 Transformed Jeff Harper Play
2011-08-12 Strange Fire on Church Altars Mark Finley Play
2011-08-05 That The World May Believe Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2011-07-29 To Keep You from Stumbling Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2011-07-15 Stay With Me Sam Nuñez Play
2011-07-08 A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken Jeff Harper Play
2011-07-01 Build Him a House Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2011-06-24 Revive Us Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2011-06-17 Let There Be Light Jeff Harper Play
2011-06-10 The Devil's Advocate Pastor Jeff Harper Play
2011-05-06 I Was Blind But Now I See Sam Nuñez Play
2011-04-29 Freedom Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2011-04-22 Words Of Life Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2011-04-15 The Bread of Life Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2011-04-01 These Bear Witness Sam Nuñez Play
2011-03-25 A Kisser or a Clinger Guest speaker Play
2011-03-18 He Told Me Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2011-03-11 He Must Increase Pastor Samuel Nunez Play
2011-03-04 The oppressed and the oppressor Danny Houghton Play
2011-02-25 Change Is Possible Sam Nuñez Play
2011-02-12 The Sanctuary Michael Kelly Play
2011-02-05 I Wish He Would Come Soon Guest speaker Play
2011-01-28 What do you seek? Samuel Núñez Play
2011-01-21 Hearing His Voice Jerry Page Play
2011-01-21 Lift Up Christ Ted Wilson Play
2011-01-14 Guerrero memorial Various Play
2011-01-14 Who are you? Pastor Sam Nunez Play
2011-01-08 Ruth Picton Memorial Various Play
2011-01-07 God's communication with man Joe Atchison Play
2010-12-10 Remember Play
2010-12-03 I do not change Samuel Núñez Play
2010-11-26 Radical for Christ Paul Willis Play
2010-11-19 A true messenger Samuel Núñez Play
2010-11-12 The king of Israel Samuel Núñez Play
2010-11-05 The city of God Samuel Núñez Play
2010-10-29 When God calls you Jamey Houghton Play
2010-10-22 Not by might nor by power Samuel Núñez Play
2010-10-15 Believe! Samuel Núñez Play
2010-10-15 Installation of Pastor Sam Núñez Samuel Núñez Play
2010-10-08 Blessed are the peace makers Alex Martínez Play
2010-10-01 A city without walls Sam Núñez Play
2010-09-24 I am with you Samuel Núñez Play
2010-09-17 The race Samuel Núñez Play
2010-09-10 The secret place of the most high Danny Houghton Play
2010-09-03 At that time Samuel Núñez Play
2010-08-27 What if .. ? Roger Pérez Play
2010-08-20 When in doubt, pray Samuel Núñez Play
2010-08-13 My body, my blood - Communion Samuel Núñez Play
2010-08-06 Revelation's "Shopping trip" Diana Santos Play
2010-07-30 Good tidings Samuel Núñez Play
2010-07-23 A stronghold in the day of trouble Samuel Núñez Play
2010-07-16 Question and Answers Jon Paulien Play
2010-07-16 Vision for the end time, remnant Jon Paulien Play
2010-07-16 Sabbath and the final conflict Jon Paulien Play
2010-07-16 Text that motivated SDA pioneers Jon Paulien Play
2010-07-02 It's time Donald Dawkins Play
2010-06-25 Gracious and compassionate Samuel Núñez Play
2010-06-18 The perfect father Samuel Núñez Play
2010-06-11 Behold the lamb of God Samuel Núñez Play
2010-06-11 Optimism: Happiness and healing Wes Youngberg Play
2010-05-14 How to win the gold Rick Silvestri Play
2010-05-14 Special music Hayton Family Play
2010-05-28 My brother's keeper Samuel Núñez Play
2010-05-21 At the table Samuel Núñez Play
2010-05-07 The radical heart Diana Santos Play
2010-04-30 Not ashamed Samuel Núñez Play
2010-04-23 My spirit Samuel Núñez Play
2010-04-09 Who is like Him? Samuel Núñez Play
2010-04-03 Miracle at Capernium Mario Pérez Play
2010-04-03 The value of a friend Linda Penick Play
2010-03-26 Beholding His glory Mike Tucker Play
2010-03-10 Amos and the visions of the end Samuel Núñez Play
2010-02-21 Cyrus cylinder Samuel Núñez Play
2010-02-21 Sermon of 13 feb 2010 Samuel Núñez Play
2010-02-21 Again!? Samuel Núñez Play
2010-02-21 Sermon of 30 jan 2010 Andrew Kuninobu Play
2010-01-23 The ways of the Lord Samuel Núñez Play
2010-01-18 Sermon Sam Núñez Play
2010-01-14 Youth Sabbath Various Play
2010-01-14 Finally Gerald Jones Play
2010-01-02 The good shepherd Samuel Núñez Play
2010-01-01 The Lord is my shepherd Samuel Núñez Play
2009-12-23 Are there any other churches out there like this one Pastor Gerald Jones Play
2009-12-11 Another way to look at Christmas Gerald Jones Play
2009-12-04 Retirement of Gerald Jones Vanard Mendinghall Play
2009-12-04 He is Lord Gerald Jones Play
2009-12-04 This is what it's come down to Gerald Jones Play
2009-11-07 Trading places Gerald Jones Play
2009-10-31 When lions eat straw Gerald Jones Play
2009-10-24 Church - a place to know Samuel Núñez Play
2009-10-18 True worshipers Gerald Jones Play
2009-10-10 When less is more Gerald Jones Play
2009-09-26 The right choice Gerald Jones Play
2009-09-19 A place for you Samuel Nuñez Play
2009-09-19 Will you still love me if you know me? Gerald Jones Play
2009-08-21 The best is yet to come Gerald Jones Play
2009-08-17 Love sustained by three Gerald Jones Play
2009-08-08 Can you hear me now? Samuel Nuñez Play
2009-08-04 Come to the wedding Gerald Jones Play
2009-08-04 Blinded with gold rimmed glasses Alex Martinez Play
2009-07-29 Revolution Sam Nuñez Play
2009-07-29 Reza Nazeri testimony Reza Nazeri Play
2009-07-24 Between God and You Forever Gerald Jones Play
2009-07-24 God and Country Gerald Jones Play
2009-07-24 In the Midst of Life Surrounded by Death Gerald Jones Play
2009-07-24 BeautifulPictsofFathers.MP3 Alex Martinez Play
2009-06-21 The Issachar Factor Danny Houghton Play
2009-06-11 The Sign! Pastor Gerald Jones Play